Booking Information

What your child needs for an mSPORTi After School Club or Holiday Course

Appropriate footwear

We recommend football boots (studs or moulds), Astroturf trainers or trainers. For information on the turf at specific venues, please see the booking information.

Packed Lunch Depending on the length of your child's course, a healthy lunch is important for your child to maintain good energy levels. All groups will also break for a snack mid-morning.

Shin Pads

Shin pads are compulsory for each child attending our Football sessions


We cannot guarantee regular access to water at some venues, therefore it is important to ensure that your child stays well hydrated by providing plenty of water for the day.

Sun Cream

For the optimists! We recommend that you provide your child with sun cream, particularly during summer courses, as participants may be out in the sun for a few hours each day.

Late Fine

There is a penalty charge of £5 for any child collected 10 minutes after the official closing time of the club and £10 after 20 minutes and
£15 after 30 minutes.