Important Information

Things to Remember

  • On day courses always bring a packed lunch.
  • Please make sure you come to the activity in appropriate clothing. mSPORTi ask that no jewellery should be worn as we cannot take any responsibility for it being lost or stolen.
  • Please make sure you always bring plenty of drinks (water only) to avoid dehydration.
  • Please make sure you also bring Sunscreen. We are OK Accredited to the Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code and ensure that this vital aspect of safeguarding is taken seriously by all staff.  For further details visit

  • The parents/ Guardians of children who consistently misbehave will be notified and asked to take action to prevent a recurrence. If the bad behaviour continues mSPORTi reserves the right to exclude badly behaved children from any activity/event.
  • Regretfully fees cannot be refunded or carried over for absences or holiday.

Medication and Illness

  • Whilst it is recognised that some children require special creams, tablets, medicines or other types of medication such as injections and inhalers, it is our policy not to administer any form of medication.
  • Details of medical conditions must be included on the reply slip in case of emergency.
  • If your child becomes ill during an activity you will be contacted by telephone call
  • Correct contact details must be included on the reply slip in case emergency